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Pelechecoco: Fashion and Fabric Conscious
Written by Maria Perrou - Sunday, 20 November 2016



One of the most famous quotes by Steve Jobs goes, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Pelechecoco is a revolutionary brand with an inspiring name and an interesting vision. They believe that personal style is a way of showing off your personality without using words, and we totally agree. Every style is as unique as we are. Pelechecoco invites us to dress up our uniqueness without breaking the bank, by wearing Pelechecoco. Join us as we speak to Sophie Schandorff, Head Of Design for Pelechecoco, and further explore the vision of this stylish Danish eco-brand.

Eco Fashion World:  Who is Pelechecoco?

Sophie Schandorff:  Pelechecoco is a sustainable fashion company devoted to creating beautiful slow fashion out of recycled materials.

EFW:  What does the word “pelechecoco” stand for?

SS:  Pelechecoco are our founder Dan's 3 heroes: Pele, the football player who is known for skill, Che Guevara, who was known for being a rebel and standing up for welfare, and Coco Chanel, who is known for style. These three attributes are the corner stones in Pelechecoco.

EFW:  What does eco-fashion mean to you?

SS:  Eco fashion to us is a production chain that respects the world by keeping the pollution down and treating the workers with respect, including fair pay and so forth. There are many ways to  be eco friendly in your production, including organic production, using recycled materials, staying away from chemical dyes, etc.




EFW:  What drives you every day?

SS:  My need to create and educate consumers on a greener choice. To always push the boundaries of peoples’ understanding of sustainable design.

EFW:  What makes you smile?

SS:  Music. It is where my inspiration comes from and what can always snap me out of being blue - what can get me in the mood to dance and what can heal my pain.

EFW:  Please briefly describe a Pelechecocomer, a customer of your brand, including traits, characteristics, habits, feelings s/he may have.

SS:  We are very lucky that our customers are so diverse that there is no one type. We have those who chose us based on our designs and then comes a welcome surprise that we are eco-friendly and those who check us out purely based on the fact that we are eco-friendly. Both are very fashion conscious.



EFW:  How do you define uniqueness and what role does uniqueness play for the Pelechecoco brand?

SS:  Because we only work in recycled materials, mainly leather, no two pieces will ever be the same in look and feel, and that makes each customer’s choice completely unique. It is in a way like buying vintage off the peg. So, it plays a big role, both in our tone of voice and when we are designing.

EFW:  What is your mantra?

SS:  I don't know if we have a mantra as such. I think we are all very focused on bettering ourselves, our products, designs, shops, etc. For us, working outside the box is the norm so I guess our mantra is to be Fashion and Fabric conscious.

EFW:  What inspires your designs? Can you take us through a bit of the process?

SS:  As a designer, I have things I always gravitate back to. I love punk and most of my designs reflect that. I was a singer for many years and when I fell out of love with doing music I thought, "If I can't be a musician, I can dress them." Pelechecoco designs are almost always inspired by music cultures and sub cultures. Punk, ska, ‘70s rock, hip hop, you name it.




EFW:  Please complete this sentence as you see it.  “The future of ethical fashion is...”

SS:  The future of ethical fashion is bright, and undeniably the most exciting thing to happen in fashion in a long time. Good things always come from having to work within new boundaries and when those boundaries are good for the Planet, then I would say it's a win-win!

Fashion is the second largest polluting industry so something has got to give, and the fact that there is finally focus on slow, ethical fashion is just great. I am proud to be part of it and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Pelechecoco is –very- socially active. 
Visit and learn more on their:

Pelechecoco website
Pelechecoco Facebook page
Pelechecoco Instagram





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