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Written by Jenni Izzo - Wednesday, 04 February 2009

Today was a HUGE day for Green with Fashion! Maybe it had something to do with the beautiful weather we are experiencing in Philadelphia today, or maybe it's just pure luck. Either way, our list of contributing designers skyrocketed from 19 to 24 in literally the span of an hour. I was just hoping that we would break 20 for the event... after all "20 designers" sounds so much prettier than "19 designers" -- but "24 locally- and nationally-known designers" sure sounds amazing as well!

Four of the five commitments came from a conversation with a great NYC showroom, The Four Hundred: Lara Miller, Sublet, Bahar Shahpar and Chemline. I never dreamed that this event would become so large and with such talented designers. Looking through their lookbooks today literally took my breath away. I am so honored to have these fashions walking down the runway at my event.

It is fascinating to think back to the 1990s when eco fashion referred to hemp shirts and Birkenstocks. Not that there is a problem with the aforementioned, but the way that the industry has evolved in just mindboggling... as well as inspiring! Had someone asked me several years ago (in 2005 even!) to guess what eco fashion might look like, I would have never come close to guessing what it is today.

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