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Friday, 26 October 2007

MONKEYS.jpgWhile I start up my laptop, I see something moving from the corner of my eye. A monkey, small like a squirrel, races over the wall outside. He stops for a second and shakes the raindrops of his little body. There has been a lot of chaos here the past few days. The most important tunnel that connects the north and south zones of Rio has partially collapsed. All traffic has to take other routes and two hours of congestion is no exception at the moment. When it rains like this, not only does the traffic get chaotic but the whole city seems to be confused. Electricity fails, people don’t go to work and university classes stay empty. Little monkey doesn’t care and rubs himself behind the ears. Then suddenly in a whirlwind of drops and moving leafs his cousin jumps on top of him. They wrestle, roll around and then run and disappear from sight. It’s ten o’clock in the morning and a new day at work has started.

Yesterday the whole team was in the office after a lot of travelling. At our launch in Paris, Nadine closed a great deal. Concept department store Citadium in the centre of Paris organizes an Ethical Christmas this year. ModaFusion is one of ten ethically produced labels that will present its collection on that special occasion. But it’s not an easy job to get the work done in time. The perception of time the women have here differs just a little from Nadine’s. The dynamic French founder of ModaFusion has collected a storybook of being-too-late narratives in the two years she’s been working in Brazil. The lingerie samples that we had to take to Paris were no exception. Only three hours before she got on a plane, the items arrived. ‘Desculpe, estamos um pouco atrasada’ the women said (“We’re sorry, we’re a little late”). But this time, delay is really no option. The launch in Citadium is a huge chance for ModaFusion. Everything just needs to go as planned. Even when it rains.

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