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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

babyshower.jpgAs my belly is growing, so is the amount of gifts we receive from friends and family. Hoping to inspire others to give green gifts to soon-to-be-mommies-and-daddies, I love to spotlight all the cute things that have given our home an instant baby-make-over.

A lot of people surprise us with the green minded practical things they come up with. I had never heard of eco tested pacifiers or PVC free baby spoons, but am now a proud owner of both. From Weleda, I knew they have grand nurturing products for baby such as creams and shower gels, but they even have special tea to stimulate milk production! And while we aim to go for reusable diapers, my mom makes this choice even more convenient with bringing us the eco wash ball. This invention takes you through 1.000 batches of laundry which equals an average of four years of washing: amazing!

Although it is tricky to buy us clothes since we don't know the gender of our little one, our fashion collection is rapidly expanding. From funky designs by Duns Sweden, Imps & Elfs and People Tree Baby to organic cotton basics from C&A and H&M, everything looks as cute as can be in greens, purple, yellow and khaki colors. My personal favourite is the Return to Sender shirt by Dutch department store Hema, an initiative to support local communities worldwide. And while the defeat of the Dutch team last Sunday still hurts, our baby will wear the orange shoes by Simbolica with pride.

Fun stuff is not just important for baby, but also for parents. The pre-play has started with the different doudous and the colorful rocking chair with playthings. This cube rattle looks too intricate in its box to already take out, but the website tells us the story behind it. Handmade with layered felt circles, it is embroidered with a multitude of crawly folk, all taken from original child art imagery. Another beautiful concept built by the company behind this gift, NooNoo Design. All these toys will definitely find their spot on the fabulous play blanket my family members created from pieces of fabric and felt.

Especially for dad, some friends added spicy organic chocolate to their gift box. He won't be able to use the mini toothbrush they included, but knowing him he might need the bib that came along. (I guess that will cost me a belly massage tonight…).

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written by Pamela, July 16, 2010
These products are so adorable, and I love that they are all eco-friendly. I write a column on eco-friendly beauty products that are safe enough even for pregnant women and new mommies to use. Congratulations!

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