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Saturday, 03 April 2010

I saw whales this week! While working in Vancouver, we managed to take a one day trip off the coast of Vancouver Island to go whale watching. And it was amazing! First we spotted a rare grey whale who was hanging out in a small bay next to the city of Victoria. He didn’t seem to mind our boat being there and came to the surface several times in unexpected places. While he was only a few years old, he was already big and he impressed us with some tail action and showing most of his back. Later on, we saw a group of four orcas who were easier to follow as they always move in a certain direction, unlike the grey whale. It was an incredible sight to see these mighty black fins coming out of the ocean almost simultaneously.

Meeting some of Vancouver’s coolest eco fashion entrepreneurs, was equally wonderful. A few have been around for several years and have evolved their business organically. They have tried out different things to see what worked instead of sticking to a firm business plan. Like our grey whale, they tend to stay in one place for a while, involving the community in their activities. Others move like orcas in a certain direction and seem to be more goal-oriented as they go. They might have less of a sense of community, but focus on their own survival. Both types of entrepreneurs contribute their own uniqueness to the eco-system and in my view they are equally big in what they do.

Image: Nicole Bridger SS2010

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