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Monday, 04 May 2009

Three and a half years ago I attended an Organic Exchange Conference in Turkey to give a workshop on YOI. It was the first time I met people from all over the planet working on a more sustainable textile supply chain. There was Olga from Paraguay, a country I had never heard of before. There was Jens, the crazy German guy that sat next to me in the bus as we travelled to an organic cotton field. There was Sandra, who just quit her job with Triodos bank in Madrid and wanted to get into ethical fashion. There was Rebecca, the dynamic founder of the Exchange and a visionary spirit. There were Benny and Tong, the young brothers from Hong Kong who were ready to take over the family business. And there were many other inspiring people who all felt like family within 24 hours.

Two years ago I met Olga again in her hometown Asúncion when we worked on projects for Aratex, the first organic cotton growing, manufacturing and retailing company in Paraguay. Last year, upon arrival in Switzerland, I phoned Jens in Zürich and we are now meeting regularly to brainstorm plans for eco fashion. It was Jens who linked me up again with Benny and Tong whom I might start collaborating with soon. Sandra devotes her skills to the Exchange since February and has become my fellow blogger on this website. I haven’t seen Rebecca for quite a while, but I look forward meeting her again at WOCC in September. Sometimes I need a pause to realize how fortunate I am to be working with all these committed and talented individuals.

Four years ago I had a consultation with a special lady in Haifa which catalyzed important things in my life. I found myself unhappy in the long term relationship I was in and felt torn apart. After one month in St. Gallen, I realized that my new best friends were the daughter of this lady and her husband. It was in their house I met an amazing man some time ago. We became friends until he confessed his feelings and I realized mine and in a whirlwind of emotions he proposed to me. And I said YES.

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