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Saturday, 04 September 2010

Our son is almost four weeks old and we have already had our share of embarrassing moments. Like last week in our favourite Italian restaurant where there was no space to change him but on the table. Although it went quick and easy with our fabulous Ikea wickeltasche (a foldable changing station), the immense poo nappy certainly took away the appetite of our fellow cuisine lovers.

Last week I tried one of these wonderful soft bamboo diapers. Initially I was put off by the way they make his bum extra large, but the advantage was that he could wear all those cute onesies in size 56 which had been too big up to now (this is the only bit of 'fashion' in this blog: please continue only when you're interested in diapers and babies). I put the totsbots on, then added the onesie, a shirt, pants and socks and proudly showed him to the visiting family members. After the ooohs and aaaahhs had died away and people simply kept on gazing at this marvellous little boy, suddenly a giant wet spot appeared in his mini jeans. I was shocked but it was my own fault: I had forgotten to put him his wrap on, the second layer that makes the nappy not leak to the clothes……

It doesn't make things any dryer when you have an ambitious mom who thinks she can potty-train you. Yesterday we did a pilot outside with the romantic idea that my 'bub' could pee in nature. I nursed him while checking on cues that he would want to eliminate. While supporting his bud-naked bummy, I felt something seeping in between my fingers and noticed that they turned green-brownish of a fart-with-extras. I put him down on my lap and hastily cleaned my one hand with the other when my belly underwent the warm sensation of a beautiful arch of his urine splashing down on it. After another three pees on respectively the blanket, his socks and the book that I had brought along, innocently thinking that I could read while potty training, I gave up. No urination or defecation in the wild: back to the dirty disposable diapers.

Those we have at least in an eco friendly version, from the Swedish Naty and from the German Moltex, but they are still disposable diapers. With an average of 5.000 nappies per child going to landfill, I might find the courage to try again tomorrow. After I have washed the bulk of laundry with urine stained clothes and cloths and have cleaned up the pee and poo lying around the house. Thank god we don't have carpet…..

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