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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

'My big example is my aunt because she is a topmanager in Holland, is married to a handsome, succesful doctor, has three great kids, has always been able to negotiate a four day working week in which she fits all the tasks her senior - male - colleagues need five days for and last but not least, she is approaching fifty and always looks FABULOUS!'

32 pairs of eyes stare at me and I smile. 'I know we are all dealing with intelligent, serious stuff as female scientific researchers, but that doesn't mean we should look like we're hiding in dusty offices all the time'. I eye the dozens of identical pairs of black framed glasses, the dark hair in short cuts or pony tails. 'We are women and we can make use of that: let's let our hair down and wear some colour, there is already enough black and grey in academia! And you know what: you can wear eco to the office as well!'

That not everyone agrees with me, becomes clear when we spend the rest of the day sitting in the atrium shaped conference setting going over non-relevant issues that don't get us anywhere near the goal of what we're here for: finding a mentor who can help us developing our academic career as female professors. If this national, heavily subsidized, program is really established to support women who want to combine a family with climbing the ladder of academia, why were they not able to provide me with a quiet room so that I could nurse my son? Because I know one thing for sure: dressed in black or not, wet spots at breast height are not fashionable at all!

When I googled the title of this blog in search of a matching image, I stumbled upon the website of a great organization that supports disadvantaged women to gain economic independence by providing them with professional attire and career development tools. You can support Dress for Succes by purchasing this limited edition scarf.

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written by Wanda, December 03, 2010
This scarf is really beautiful, I love the colors and inspirational words printed on it.

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