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Tuesday, 22 July 2008
DUTCHABLE.jpgUndutchables is a recruitment agency for international professionals in The Netherlands. Living in Amsterdam for ten years, I always thought: ‘Why do these people need a separate agency to find a job?’ But after one year in Rio I have a better understanding of what it feels like to be a foreigner. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brazil, in fact I love the world. Everywhere I meet great people, find beautiful places to visit and things to experience. But to be back in your own country sometimes feels like coming home. After one year in Rio where most people have never heard of a green lifestyle, I’m pleasantly surprised to find so much progress on this little piece of planet.

After leaving the Anne Frank house after Edwin’s show last Friday, I feasted on all that is new and green and makes me very, very happy. In my sister’s house I read eco glossy Green2 with a cover photo of celebrity Wendy van Dijk, shopped in Floortje Dessing’s second Nukuhiva shop and salvinized on slave-free chocolate from Tony Chocolonely. Yet another celebrity picked up on the green trend and started her own product line ‘Return to Sender’ for sale at department store HEMA. I fell in love with the pink Barbie dress made in Peru, which I bought for my niece’s birthday and treated myself to bed sheets for my new Swiss home – embroidered by Chinese artisans.

After visiting ‘Green bags’, an exhibition of eco and recycled design bags at Tassen Museum Hendrikje I finally enjoyed a dark organic rye bread from Albert Heijn with some Dutch cheese.

While staying at a friend’s house I discovered one of the nicest streets in Utrecht where the neighbor sells delicious ice cream made from natural ingredients and I drank a Puro cappuccino at Ledig Erf. With these heavy summer rains I quickly ordered my pair of rubber design boots at which came in handy while visiting Theater Festival De Parade where they sold Earth Water with profits going to the UNHCR.

The good thing about Brazil was I didn’t spend that much money with the lack of eco choices. The good thing about Holland is that I’m buying, buying, buying without feeling guilty. On the contrary: I’m a proud and happy Dutchie!

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