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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

'What????? You're getting married on Monday and you don't even know what kind of flowers you want in your wedding bouquet?' The girl stares at me and I blush. 'Well you know I thought I could just pick some wild flowers, but Spring is over and there's not that much around anymore…Don't you have Max Havelaar roses or something?'

'How to plan a green wedding in two months?' could be the title of a book I might write one day. Because one thing's for sure: sexy ingredients for a green wedding are no easy find. And especially not last minute. So it's only now, four days before my Big Day that I end up researching what's out there. First of all, there are books like The Green Guide for Weddings written by one of my colleagues on this website, Jen Marsden. Second, there are great websites like The Green Bride Guide.com (US) and Ethical Weddings.com (UK) that are both full of tips & tricks for a truly sustainable event. The founder of the latter, Katie Fewings, is one of the initiators of the Eco Chic Wedding and Home Show that celebrated its first edition last March.

For a bride to be in Switzerland, some of these options are not within reach. But when I look at them now I'm still quite proud with the local alternatives we've found. Apart from green rings, clothing, location and food, we've sent our invitations over email and paid most purchases with my Visa Green Card which compensates the CO2 emissions. What I do regret not finding earlier is Our Green Wedding List, since it gave 'the-couple-that-is-so-content-with-their-life, they-don't-need-wedding- presents' quite a headache to come up with a wish-list. Furthermore, not appointing a Master of Ceremony, would have saved us a lot of stress. I hope Green Lily will be some inspiration for my fabulous sister to finally start her own eco wedding planning venture.

As for other eco decoration, I'm still hunting for the FSC balloons I read about in my favorite e-zine. I had no idea, but FSC rubber comes from rubber trees that are in FSC certified forests. I won't need them anymore, but this might be interesting for people looking for green condoms?

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