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Saturday, 28 February 2009

butterfly2.jpg'When a butterfly claps its wings…..'

'The energy here is different from regular fashion fairs, I can't express it in words, it's really a feeling'. This is just a phrase by the founder of an eco fashion brand I spoke with at Ethical Fashion Show in October last year.

I believe we're on the verge of a new age. A time in which feminine values will strengthen what's pure and will heal what is to be cured. More and more women start their own business. They are tired of fighting masculine culture in their companies and search for their own voice. What better way to express your authenticity then through running your own web shop, personalized consultancy company or eco fashion brand?

Why is this eco fashion movement different? Because we know we're all connected to Mother Earth and translate this conscience to the way we do business? Could we call ourselves ecofeminists, being part of the third wave of emancipation Campbell refers to in her article?

Whatever tag I as a researcher put on us as entrepreneurs in this exciting movement, continuous reflection upon daily reality seems in place. Because I know how difficult it is to combine your ideals with making ends meet. So let us love and support each other in our work. Even when you realize that new brand is copying your designs. Even when you long for the security of your former well paid job sometimes. Even when you struggle with jealousy over your friend's successful eco fashion store. We need to go beyond feeling and acting as individual entrepreneurs in this tiny eco fashion world. Because as one single entrepreneur your impact stays small. But as a whole, you're a powerful force in society. With being who you are and doing what you do, you're an inspiration for others. Inside and outside the field of ethical fashion. All of us eco fashion entrepreneurs together, we are like a beautiful quilt: weaving together a part of history being shaped.

This beautiful butterfly is made of scrap steel by deprived youth in Brazil. It is designed by my dear friend Ana Candida who is founder of Ecotece, an organization that promotes a conscious way of dressing. Thank you for providing me with daily inspiration every time I look at your butterfly Ana!

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