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Saturday, 04 October 2008

WOW, cool jeans, eco?

Did you compensate your flight to Costa Rica?

I’m sorry but meat eating causes poverty, do you have a vegetarian dish maybe?

Great new house. Beautiful floor. Is it bamboo?

I’m sorry I need to catch the last train so can’t party any longer. No, I don`t have a car, I like nature too much.

Happy birthday! This funny smelling bath mousse is 100% organic from an Amazon fruit. Don’t you think that’s amazing?

There’s a reason for me living abroad that only comes to mind now. I have been quizzing my close ones for too long with SUPER ANNOYING questions and answers like these. For every occasion I know how to bring the topic to living a green lifestyle. At family dinners I joke about my brother-in-laws’ passion for his car and my dad’s addiction to meat. At friend’s parties I show off my ethical outfit, which is always an excellent way to win fresh souls for the Cause. To every listening ear I say that they should look in the mirror to reflect on each purchase. Somehow I just can’t stop preaching on my favorite subject. I have become a nasty ecomentalist. I must be the most boring person alive.

Apart from the fact that I’m making others feel guilty, I also do damage to my green world. Because the more eco-convinced I get, the less likely it is that others will follow my enlightened example. They will just think I have a mental problem or something. A mental problem called `faith in green’, my only anchor in this crazy world. Like cultural creatives have. And social entrepreneurs. And many other so called pioneers that are very busy saving the world from a serious Break Down. So that’s why I’m here at some dusty institute in a small town in Switzerland where everyone suffers from these green beliefs. I’m safe now and so are the people I love.

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