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Thursday, 30 September 2010

I have a confession to make: I bought a new knit today. It was the first time I was in town after the birth. I was only there to buy these special eco diapers when it suddenly attracted me like a magnet. I had just admired the window display of the boutique, but realized I would probably never in my life be able to afford anything they sell. But then I saw the sale rack and this gorgeous piece of knitwear simply put a spell on me. It is in my favourite color (brown), is knitted in a stunning big loop and has a front and back cleavage. I could not resist but go inside and try it on.

This made things worse because as soon as I put it on, my life changed. 'Only tall, skinny women can wear that knit', the sales lady commented. 'It looks fabulous on you'. Normally I am not impressed by what sales people say, but this time I let myself go. I looked in the mirror and saw the many possibilities of how to wear this piece. It is oversized and can be worn off one shoulder paired with skinny jeans. With a black pulli, leggings and boots, it can make a killer office look. And when tightened with a large belt, it is a sexy dress for special evenings. The fabric feels soft and luxurious. The look is timeless and elegant. The quality is Italian and durable. It had all it takes to become part of my precious wardrobe. Aside from not being eco…..

My mom asked me the other day if I did not feel like buying myself something new. 'I can imagine that you want to treat yourself now that your body is back in shape'. But I already feel so treated with all the gifts we have received the past two months. All the cute baby clothes give a lot of variety to my day simply because he outgrows them so quickly. Not to mention the fact that I am rediscovering my walk-in closet. As a treasure that has been closed for almost a year, it reveals pieces to me I had completely forgotten about. I have spent hours lately trying 'new' outfits on and indulging in mini fashion shows around the house. It also made me realize how much stuff I have. And that I really don't need to buy more.

So what to do now with my new knit?

It is made in Italy (and loved by the likes of Angelina Jolie and George Clooney!) and that is what calms down my conscious. I tell myself that I deserve it because I have not bought anything in six months (I refused to purchase any maternity clothes). I put it back in its shopping bag promising myself that I can only wear it on my birthday next month.

It seems I am not that green after all: one trip to town was deadly!

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written by anabel, October 23, 2010
very nice! Love the color

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