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Fan of Fibra
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

FIBRA.jpgFive guys in their twenties. Friends, surfers, skateboarders and passionate about sustainable design. They started their own incubator company two years ago and developed a great material called pupunha, made of a tree that grows here in Brazil. Since they like skate boarding, they designed an eco skateboard that won the IF Design award in 2005. Then they developed another material called bananaplac which they created with poor inland communities. They use the fibre that is normally wasted after the trees have born fruit and mix it with natural glue. This is an extra source of income for the farmers and their families. The placs are perfect for photo frames, lamps and notebooks that have already become my favourites.

Coca Cola wanted to work with them. Osklen wanted to work with them. And now they’re here during Rio Fashion Week. With a library lounge of amazing eco materials displayed on the walls. Each material with its own story and challenging possibilities to create super products. My guys are here, enjoying the free drinks in ‘their’ lounge, dancing to the samba house tunes and chatting with potential clients.

The name of this very cool company is Fibra . And I’m a big fan.

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written by prom dresses, January 28, 2010
I must say they have done a great job. from trash to a masterpiece. and they can possibly help framers to be creative and produce another craft from indigenous stuff...

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