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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

If you ask my fresh husband: ´How did you spend the first day of your honeymoon?´, he will answer: sitting next to my wife´s grandmother during an eleven hours car drive!

Who would have ever thought I would marry a German and go on honeymoon to my own country: the beautiful lowlands of the Dutch Queen-dom! Although it were practicalities that drove us there, I loved being a tour guide during M.A.´s first visit. And besides that: we realized that this was a pretty green way to fully enjoy our new status.

First stop was Tiengemeten, a 10 hectare island half an hour from Rotterdam which makes you forget my country is cramped with 17 million people. This secret location has been given back to nature under the EU law to restore more authentic vegetation. After the farmers had left the island, Tiengemeten has become an eco destination for daytrippers. They leave the ferry when we board for the ten minute boat trip to the island. ´Welcome on board, you must be the newly wedded couple´, the captain says. He doesn´t charge us and instead offers us a can of coke and an introduction to the history of the island. Upon arrival, the friendly liliputter Hugo takes us to Herberg Tiengemeten in his old car. Only later we find out that he makes a living out of doing that. ´But that´s just between 9-5, after 5 we have other rules on Tiengemeten, because then it´s only the ten people living here plus the handful of guests we have´, explains Maya. She moved here with her family a few months ago and supported by my green bank Triodos, they run the basic accommodation and restaurant with home-grown food. The tiny island with mainly grass, some chunky Scottisch Highlanders, a pair of bycicles, playing with the Herberg shepherd Cargo and eating pure food is exactly what we need for the three days of our stay.

The other days, we drive around enjoying festivals, beach, movies, musea, shops and the joyful company of family and friends. The night train takes us back to Zürich and marks the end of our horneymoon which taught us one lesson: if a green honeymoon is this much fun, we will repeat it every year!

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