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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ireland's economic growth evolved around the linen industry in the 19th century. During the Troubles the last few decades, the country suffered tremendously and the linen industry declined in a rapid pace. While there used to be buildings full of seamstresses who could manufacture small quantities, these businesses disappeared. The result is that young fashion designers have great difficulty to produce their designs nowadays. One of the aims of Re-Dress is to regenerate the Irish textile industry as to sustain local talent both in design and production.

Ute, founder of Ponchissimo recognized the needs of many Peruvian women who are single mothers and fight for sustaining themselves and their children. For several years she has been working to create great coats with these women, but she is now rethinking her strategy. Last summer she realized that there are lots of single mothers in France who struggle in a similar way. Why not have them produce the coats which would decrease the time to ship them to the shops in Europe?

In The Philippines, Rags2Riches works with poor communities to create upscale products out of rags. Because the company has attracted several designers who are well-known in the country, the products sell well and demand is even higher than the workers can keep up with. A venture philantrophy company has shown interest in investing in Rags2Riches, acknowledging its potential to be an example of a sustainable enterprise in fashion in the region.

We can have big dreams to conquer the world with our ethical fashion, but how great would it be to simply serve our own communities? Wasn't that what Adam Smith meant in the first place when he talked about the meaning of business?

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local branding
written by Martin Herrndorf, October 20, 2009
Hi Kim,

Nice post. I guess we gonna see all kinds of global-local cross-overs in the future. Paris-based fashion designers sourcing from Brazil seems to be a working model, but maybe there is more out there?

good to see that Rags2Riches don't hide their ".ph" identity...

Nice book on the topic is also "Brand New Justice". I think I borrowed my copy out and never got it back, hope its still passing further on inspiring people ;-) http://www.amazon.de/Justice-b...pd_sim_b_6

hugs, martin

ps: love my new http://www.ragbag.eu wallet!
written by karily, November 02, 2009
can you tell me where i can wholesale this T-shirt
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written by cougars t- shirt, November 16, 2009
Nice blog ... thanks a lot hoping for more posts to come

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