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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Yesterday was a special day for me and my colleagues @ Tigerbergstrasse. In the afternoon, the vice-president of our institute inaugurated his 'Chair for Management of Renewable Energies'. This sounds a bit posh, but his name his Rolf Wüstenhagen and he is a great person to work with. Over the last ten years he has been researching and publishing a lot on the topics of policy decisions, investment behavior and consumer attitudes when it comes to renewable energies. His work has contributed both to the academic debate as well as to managerial practice, reason enough to have a large investment company funding his Chair at the university.

After Rolf's talk, a panel discussion and an apéro, it was time to celebrate the fact that I and the other oikos PhD Fellows just moved into a new office space. After months of desperate lobbying for solar energy, eco paint and carpet plus a garden on the roof, we're happy to find ourselves with Memo bookshelves and IKEA lamps. No inaugural talk, but stickers with the word you care about to invoke dynamic interaction. No panel discussion, but three pitches on innovative projects. From a carbon free university campus to creating a hub for social entrepreneurship to a swishing slash peepshow. With our first TED-talk planned on June 9, this is hopefully only the first of many activities in our brand new oikos Lab. Sweet as the organic wine from our favourite eco store Yardo, we made a point: true sustainability should move beyond theorizing.

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written by Jesse M., June 09, 2011
I couldn't agree more, enough talk about becoming environmentally friendly, the benefits are obvious. Less conventional energy use results in less pollution. It's time to take action! Good post.

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