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Getting around in Rio

GETTING-AROUND.jpg Not having a car in this city is a great advantage. First of all you can be less scared about being assaulted. Second, you don’t need to worry about parking spaces, maintenance and everything that comes with owning a car. Third, you can be sure to encounter a lot of adventure while taking public transport or other means of getting around.

The other day a clown stepped into the bus entertaining all the passengers with his tricks, making some money in the process. Buses themselves are a real adrenaline booster since the drivers here use Rio’s streets as Formula 1 racing tracks. The joy I used to get from driving too fast is now being satisfied by the speed of the buses that take me all over town. But there is more....

Last week I came back from the ModaFusion office in Santa Teresa. I had taken the antique tram up, which always makes me feel like I’m in Disneyland. During our meeting, it started to rain again and there was no way to make it back down the hill. The tram got stuck and buses didn’t go anymore. Me and my friend were in a hurry and thank god Messias could give us a lift. Messias is the boyfriend of the lady who makes the bags for the collection I’m working on. Messias is the first Brazilian rock fan I met. Messias owns a really cool old 4x4 full of stickers of his favourite bands. Messias plays Led Zeppelin very loud and is an attraction in himself driving the streets of Rio. My friend and I got on board Messias’ driving sound machine and down we went. On the slippery stones of bohemian Santa, with the rain pouring on the roof and our heads moving to the rhytm of the music. That’s what I call fun after a long day of work.

Yesterday I was running around as usual and I had to go up to Santa again. I was wearing my Rio uniform: denim miniskirt, colorful top and extra large bag while carrying a huge litho under my arm. Somehow I couldn’t get a taxi so I asked a motorboy if he could take me. He grinned at me and my big litho, gave me a helmet and smiled even more when I climbed behind him. With bag, litho and miniskirt I arrived safely at my destination. High energy for $ 0.80.

Oh yes, of course I forgot to mention that not using a car is better for the environment. But that sounds pretty muesli to me.

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