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Wednesday, 04 August 2010

hometruths.jpg'Cleaning should be done when in the right mood for it'.

What greater thing there is than the touch of crispy fresh sheets on the bed? The look of a shiny fridge? The smell of a basket full of organic fruit? The sound of a dyson that zooms through the house?

Lately, there is no bigger satisfaction than what a clean house can give me. Have I become a notorious housewife? Or a female home maker as Sarah Pink calls us? Have I totally lost all my ambitions?

With a camera, Pink has followed women in their daily routines, cleaning, cooking and decorating their homes. For some of them it is a privileged role which they can only play later in life after having worked to support their families for decades. These women, but also the younger ones who choose to be at home, love expressing their Hera qualities. Social activities and travel are associated with masculinity while home work can be seen as a moral activity. How? Discover it for yourself!

Reading her book is an eye opener to me who grew up with a mom-at-home and always felt a certain rebelling against her. For years it was ridiculous to focus on household work instead of a career. I despised women who openly said they loved to cook for their husbands. Now I am one of them. And I am proud of it.

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