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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

horizon.jpgI regularly surprise people with my name: Kim is a common name for Chinese men. And then they meet me: a 2 meter tall and skinny redhead. It's not easy to be anonymous. I often joke that Dutch people are all tall, 'you know, when the water is coming, we still need to breathe…'. I could also say that I need my height to look beyond. Because 'kim' actually means horizon.

I'm very happy with my name and can't imagine being a Rebecca, a Liz or a Stefanie. My parents chose this name for me because it's short and simple. Everybody in the world can pronounce it they figured. Some foreseeing parents I've got. Although Brazilians tend to say Quimmy which I think is cute.

The challenge of the horizon is that when you think you've reached it, it's further away than ever. When I was in my 20's I made a big list of things I wanted to achieve before turning 30. Like having my own clothing store, obtaining a PhD, becoming a mum and travelling the world. Some of them I did achieve, others are still winking at the horizon. Now I'm finally 30, I'm happy they're still out there.

This is my 40th blog for Eco Fashion World and I've got 10 years to go to this magical age of 40. What will they bring, these years? But most importantly: will I learn that aiming just for the horizon, distracts me from enjoying the way?

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