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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

'With The HUB, we want to create an eco-system of social-entrepreneurs. A place where they can connect, interact and invent new ways of doing business as unusual'. What a pleasure it was to hear so much about The HUB last week. First during a HUB event where guest speakers Erfolg and South Pole Carbon feasted us on their inspiring start-up stories. A few days later when HUB founder Niels Rot inspired my students with the narrative of how he became a social entrepreneur.

One of them wrote in her reflection note afterwards:
'I was amazed what you can do without having any background in entrepreneuring and it made me think that it wouldn’t be impossible for me to build my own company. Niels' CV encouraged me because as an economics student, he never thought of going in this direction. Like me, he always wanted to work for a big corporation and earn a lot of money, but after trying out different jobs, he really knew what he wants to do with his life. I think The Hub is a great company and has mega potential for the future. And I really got motivated of thinking that one day I could also work in a company like The Hub or another company that wants to change the world'.

No need to say more: things can only get better!

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