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Happy People

CONFERENCE.jpgA picture full of smiling people, taken at an Organic Exchange conference in Sâo Paulo. Organic Exchange is an international organization that pushes the growth and use of organic cotton in the world. This is not an easy job considering the many levels of production from farmer to consumer.

The conference in Sâo Paulo brought together regional actors who all play their part in building organic cotton value chains. Farmers from Nicaragua flew over to be informed about the chances of starting to grow organically. Manufacturers from Peru, Paraguay and Brazil shared their knowledge on how to clean up their factories. The Veja founders ran in on their funky eco sneakers to inspire us with their marketing methods. Representatives from Buenos Aires enlightened us on their strategies to warm up the Argentinian market. And of course ModaFusion was there showing off some sample pieces of the new collection.

Discussions were heated, stories were shared and new information brought up new questions. After the conference everyone went home to continue their work and create a healthier planet. See you next year in Buenos Aires.

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