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Tuesday, 05 October 2010

Lucky me that I had become iPhonized just one day before our baby was born! It allowed me to send instant messages to those close including images of the wonder that had burst into our world. In the past few weeks I have developed a clear addiction for the gadget that personifies individuality. I use it as a nightlamp when breastfeeding as not to wake M.A. Notes on what new things he explored, I type in the middle of the night and when planning to take him for hikes, quickly checking the weather forecast is easy. The camera comes in handy capturing those cute smiles and some of his other 1.000 facial expressions. Images and videos that I then directly email to family and friends. Because each minute with our son, is as unique as he is.

Aside from using my iPhone for everything that concerns this little human being, it also makes me feel connected to the world. When I am stuck between baby and nursing pillow, I check emails and read blogs. When taking a break on a bench in the sun after carrying him around in his sling, I watch TED talks. I get excited receiving newsletters about the hottest eco fashion events around the world, collection launches by upcoming designers and what happened during the recent fashion weeks. Yesterday I received an email about a new EU sponsored project to promote Baltic fashion and today I learnt about the ethical fashion program of the International Trade Center. It is great to see the developments in eco fashion. To follow what passionate individuals all over the world accomplish. As for me: I still like to think of me being part of a community, although my world is pretty micro at the moment.

Photo: courtesy of Edward Monton.

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Fashion World
written by kiran patel, October 14, 2010
Fashion World has often been attractive every season. Its really good to read through the fashion trends. Every time online I get new pictures and styles.

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