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Thursday, 22 January 2009

organicfan.jpgWhat strikes me being back in Rio is the poverty that hits you in the face similarly to the humid heat. It's sometimes difficult to acknowledge the relevance of working in eco fashion when I see children begging on the streets with just a rag on their body. It makes me think I should devote all my energy to education and getting as many kids to school as possible. Because who cares about eco, when you can't even buy your child a decent shirt?

As I ponder upon the lifestyles of the people around me, they in turn don't understand me and my super strange attitude. Of buying organic vegetables for which I need to walk three blocks to a Friday morning market. Why would you walk so far when you can get a hotdog around the corner? What's organic actually? And by the way, why do you eat vegetables to begin with? And it's not just poor people who simply can't afford eating organic, that question my habits. The day I took my economist friend to a raw food lunch place, has become our insider's joke. Less than two hours after our 'light' lunch, he ran away from his office to compensate in a barbecue restaurant.

Amidst strange gazes, I'm happy to just stick to my convictions. And I guess it might become more mainstream now with even Obama's inaugural balls taking on a green tinge!

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Really Who Care!
written by Sam Jones, January 29, 2009
Hi Kim,

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