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Monday, 15 December 2008

I tore her out of an Austrian newspaper three months ago and she has been in my notebook ever since. In between diary scribbles, graphics and intelligent professor quotes, she just lied there. Patiently waiting for me to devote a story to her it seemed. She sometimes fell out of my notebook on the grey floor of a lecture hall or classmates saw her suddenly appear from the pages. They would give me a smile in those instances and their grin indicated: 'Funny fashion girl'. During hours of discussing quantitative methods and 'A journal' publication strategies, she reminded me of what I came here for in the first place. Her company gave me consolation: it was not just about becoming part of the printed-words-on-paper-production-factory called university. Life is also about visuals, aesthetics and colors, together composing the story that each of us carries and co-creates.

So who is this girl? Just a model wearing an intriguing dress? A dress that reminds me of folklore costumes of the Alper highlands poured into a sexy fashion version. A model with hair ribboned in a classical way, referring to haircuts from the Middle Ages. She wears 'clog' shoes, possibly inspired from what people think we Dutchies wear. A composition of cultures, times, religions, blended into one image that I'm trying to describe now in black and white. As a story, that will become part of all those other stories.

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