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JEITINHO.jpgJeito = a way. Jeitinho = way of doing things.

The deadline for my eco jewellery collection is Monday. At least that’s what the contract says. But the pieces won’t be ready…by far. So I’m stressed. I try not to, but I am.

I made the contract six weeks ago. At that time I was already worried. Because I know that people promise but not deliver. Or deliver but very, very late. I was worried so I discussed it with a friend. He told me not to put the deadline on the day of my flight but one week earlier. That would give me space to breathe. And renegotiate if necessary. I have come to that point now. Because the work is delayed. Maybe even so delayed that I can’t take it back to Amsterdam next week. I’m in doubt on what to do. Because I like my partners, they’re like friends. And I don’t know how to behave now. Angry, pushy, friendly, understanding. I don’t know. I need jeitinho.

When you come to Brazil, you have to know about jeitinho. There are rules and laws in this country, but people always find ways to work around them. The principle is simple: if you do something for me, I do something for you. This implies that you have to build a relationship with somebody. You have to drink beers together, chat for hours and become friends in the end. Amizade is what they call it here and it’s closely intertwined with jeitinho. Because when you’re dealing with a friend and not with a business partner, a contract is simply some words written on paper. You can say you have a personal problem and can not deliver the work in time. A friend says: ‘I feel so sorry for you’. A business partner doesn’t pay. That’s jeitinho. It’s complicated.

In these kind of situations I often feel like jumping off a cliff into the unknown deep. Like the picture I took of my friend when we climbed one of Rio’s highest peaks last Sunday.

As for the jewellery collection: I just keep my fingers crossed. And hope all the pieces will be with me when we launch in two weeks time. Se Deus Quiser.

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written by Christian, June 23, 2010
O que é melhor? Ter "jeitinho" ou sair bombardeando outros países gratuitamente?

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