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Kein Wendy
Monday, 24 November 2008

I've been eating too much chocolate lately. Because my new flatmate is a chocoholic. Because my love is not with me here. And oh yeah, because I live in Switzerland now. And that means: not in Brazil.

Oh how I miss Brazil! Copa beach in front of my house. The view on Rio's high jungle peaks. The spontaneous samba sessions in my street. The fireworks because Flamengo won again in Maracana stadium. I miss it. And at the same time, I start to love St. Gallen. St. Gallen with its ancient history breathing from the inner city's buildings. With the snow that has started falling yesterday and covers everything with a blanket of silence. And most of all: St. Gallen university where I've found a challenging environment to question eco fashion.

Challenging in such a way that I've hardly got time left to write blogs. Or do anything else but work on academic papers, presentations and piles of literature. It seems to be normal here and it's ok for now. But I long for the time that I can stretch out in the sand and have a blazingly hot sun erase my brains.

As my colleagues tend to say: 'Das leben ist kein ponyhof. Und du bist kein Wendy!' (Free translation: Life's not a beach and you're not some happy child running around).

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