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Thursday, 07 May 2009

Upon arrival in Switzerland, I was impressed by the amount of bio products in the supermarket. Here you don't only find organic labelling, but Swiss people are proud of their local farmers too. Eggs carry the Swiss flag and many vegetables come 'Aus der region' (out of the region). Banners with pictures of healthy smiling families state: we support our farmers! A sustainable mindset seems to be intrinsic to the Swiss, although it doesn't always extend beyond the supermarket. That's why Swiss NGO Helvetas has now launched a campaign to grow the awareness. From far away the billboards seem to show simple crops of salad and bananas. But giving them a closer look, you suddenly see they've been created out of T-shirts. At the university, we've sent out a Facebook survey to measure what the effects of the campaign are. Within a few months we'll know if the group of Swiss LOHAS has grown. If you're interested in the results, join the international congress 'From Fashion to Sustainability' in September. A great reason to visit this beautiful country and its sympathetic people!

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written by Robyn , May 08, 2009

Be sure to check out the new, cutting edge clothing company INDIE PEACE at www.indiepeace.myshopify.com. The business makes its items out of recycled plastic bottles and 0 certified organic cotton! Moreover, all INDIE PEACE products are U.S made and produced within blocks of one another. Founder and entrepreneur of the Atlanta-based clothing line, Lawton Ursrey claims, "there is no greener brand in the market today.” Even more, Ursrey has been named as one of the hottest 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in Atlanta and his line has been given the “Green Champion Award” for the Atlanta area earlier this year.

Additionally, celebrities have become among the first to sport this new hot brand! INDIE PEACE will be featured in the upcoming Woody Harrelson movie “Zombieland.” Harrelson will be wearing different shirts from the INDIE PEACE collection in the movie. In fact, Harrelson liked them so much that he ended up keeping every style for himself! Harrelson shared them with pal Owen Wilson and now Wilson is going to wear them in his next movie. To add to the good news, the INDIE PEACE has recently launched its line in 8 different Nordstrom stores. This is major news in the retail market because most major department stores have not embraced eco-friendly or sustainable clothing for men. Ursrey will now lead the way for other socially conscience men’s clothing designers to break through these barriers.

Can’t make it to Nordstrom? Fulfill your eco-shopping wish list at www.indiepeace.myshopify.com to check out Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson’s new favorite line!

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