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Monday, 23 February 2009

bird2.jpg'Little Princess Nothing-Is-Enough'

A long time ago, my dad gave me this little bird. It's a proud little bird that symbolizes how he sees me: serious inside but with an obvious dash of frivolity. Eco fashion is my passion exactly because of that. It's about how you look but with a message behind it. Fashion on its own always seemed too superficial to me. But eco fashion combines my intrinsic motivators in life: the ideals of fighting for social and environmental issues packaged in aesthetics.

It was my mum who motivated me to go to fashion school. Nobody understood it because I had the grades to go straight to university. 'This is what she feels like doing so she should do it. And besides that, it will be good to work with her heart instead of just with her head', she always added. It didn't matter that I started university studies after one year of sketching clothes. She supported me in every decision I made, trusting blindly on my intuition.

The past ten years I have travelled the world, enchanted by different cultural artefacts and the amazing people that created them. I bought beaded belts of Zulu girls in South-Africa, colorfully woven bags of Thai villagers and worked with Brazilian women to create eco jewellery out of Amazon seeds. I have done many things my mum and grandmother could only dream of. But like a quilt, their stories are embedded in my history and have made me who I am, doing the work I love the most.

Meanwhile the challenge of balancing head and heart continues. And that's not so weird, being able to long for everything life has to offer.

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