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Saturday, 15 May 2010

I haven't been writing much these days because I feel I'm pursuing a new degree: one on 'how to become a mom'. It is truly amazing how much information I have been trying to digest lately. On complications I had, on pregnancy yoga, midwifes, doctors, insurances and maternity leave. Not to mention the amount of things we need to fill our house with to be fully prepared for our little one. It's easy to spend a fortune on furniture, clothes, diapers, a trolley and thousands of other 'practical things', so I was happy when a friend said: 'Just get the necessities and wait until the baby is there'. Watching 'The story of stuff' again this week, helped me to come to grips with the wish list our local baby store gave us. Necessities, in organic or second hand, and nothing more it is!

But with this, the challenge remains. The other day I talked to the manager of the university childcare center. She told me confidently how they purchase their toys from stores that strictly sell safe stuff. I feel secure because after all, we are in Switzerland where everything is engraved in law, but she didn't mention how these toys have been produced. The same for the food they give the babies and kids: organic is not on the menu and if you want that as a parent, you should BYO.

No wonder that many young moms start their own business to fill this gap. From eco baby clothing to special beauty creams for moms: a lot of the organic baby products are developed by female entrepreneurs. They seem to move from motherhood to consumer-citizen to finally transform into a mom-preneur. I wonder where I'll find myself one year from now, because it already starts itching.

And in the meantime this little creature inside of me twists and turns as if he or she is saying: you do your job, I do mine!

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