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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What can I say? It was an incredible day!

With lots of sun and fun and amazing people;
With me and M.A. glowing and sweating in our eco wedding clothes;
With a 20 minute drive to the castle in a golden Audi accompanied by Romanian rap;
With hand-picked flowers by ´The Vissers girls´ that adorned our ceremony; With a home-made wedding cake and a wealth of delicious desserts created by friends;
With many green gifts ranging from eco fashion and food stuffs to an outdoor self-cooked organic dinner that will be arranged by two colleagues;
With dear guests that shared cars coming from different directions;
With a photoshoot-in-a-rush in the beautiful gardens leaving my dress greener than intended;
With games, songs, sketches, speeches and a real soul train;
With a union of family members that hadn´t met for a long time;
Without any alcohol which didn´t even bother my party friends…..
With a hand-crafted recipe book filled with our family and friends´favourite recipes;
With our fair trade wedding rings confirming our union;
With even my brand new mother-in-law in a customized vintage outfit;
With cradle-to-cradle Chinese lanterns that lit the sky after midnight;
With organic chocolate body paint awaiting us in the honeymoon suite;
With an all bio breakfast the morning after.

I read that people who have a green wedding, are likely to extend that eco-consciousness in the rest of their lives. And: that they spread the virus to others. If this is the outcome of our Big Day, the world might change for the better, even if it´s only a teeny-greeny little bit.

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