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No Stress
Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Imagine you own a factory that manufactures clothes. You produce a certain quantity every month and earn enough money to pay the bills and live your life. If new customers approach you, you stay weary. You’re happy as you are, why work harder than that? Can you imagine being a factory owner like that?

I can’t. But I’m not Brazilian. I’m not a factory owner either but that’s another story. ModaFusion produces their eco collections in several factories. Well, they are not really factories but more like ateliers or houses where groups of women sew clothes. At the beginning of this month we asked one of them if they could produce an order for us. They didn’t say YES nor NO. They shook their heads, waved their hands, talked a bit and said nothing. We asked again, very friendly. Because it’s summer holiday, because it will be Carnaval in two weeks, because people can only think of beach and samba right now, we asked it a third time. If they couldn’t do it, we had to find other producers.

Yesterday we called them and guess what?

They said NO.

One week before our deadline. They simply don’t want to produce our order. They said NO to an international order that can broaden their horizon and mean good money in the future when ModaFusion sells all over the world. They said NO to a chance to develop their business, to hire more women, to create new and innovative products. But that of course, is our humble opinion.

The factory owner put it like this: “In this busy time of year (beach, samba), we don’t have time to do this order. We prefer to stay with No stress.”

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No workers
written by anamt, July 09, 2008
We have to change the way the garment industry is run. It seems that there are very few people that are willing to sew up the goods.At Herman's Eco INC. we are fair trade in The USA. I really don't know how I have kept up with the demand.Somehow it is working, but as I grow more and more its tough . I have been asked by others to do their sewing but I can't even keep up with my own product. I am not willing to go off shore . I guess as the need comes I'll just hire & teach.
Fashion Designer Anna Herman
written by Kia, November 19, 2008
I enjoy Samba and the Brazilian Fashion Culture.

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