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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Yesterday Switzerland won the match against Spain and the whole city was a madhouse. I had to cancel a meeting because of the continuous horning of the cars, the yelling of people dressed in Swiss flags and the beer bottles that were thrown on the streets. It was a carnival of sounds and I was shocked it could be so noisy in this country. Amazing how people everywhere in the world respond the same to soccer games: I truly felt I was back in Rio for a few hours.

My heart doesn't exactly beat faster for football, but when I read this article, the orange side of me started to glow. Not being a fan of mass-produced merchandising gear, these colorful bracelets offer a fashionable alternative to supporting your team. Initiated by Dutch start-up Rainbow Collection who partnered with Africa!Ignite, the bracelets are produced by women in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. According to the organization, it provided employment for more than 400 rural women by ordering 100.000 bracelets.

Eight years ago I was a temporary guest in South-Africa and I remember the passion of the people there. Not just for soccer, but for life in general although many of them did not have much of it as they were suffering from poverty, violence and HIV/AIDS. The concept of Rainbow nation was heavily debated as people felt racism was still as much a part of everyday life as was the delicious 'bunny chow'. With the FIFA Worldcup taking place on African soil, I can only hope that the beauty and strength of its people will illuminate the world. And I don't just mean on the soccer field.

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written by liveeco, June 21, 2010
The Rainbow nation has really come into its own since the beginning of the WC 2010 in South Africa. And with is have come some really great eco-friendly initiatives. Click here for some photos of the festivities in Cape Town, South Africa http://www.liveeco.co.za/?m=7&idkey=1402

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