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Organic is Orgasmic
Wednesday, 07 November 2007

I had no idea that there was so much eco consciousness in Brazil. Every other week I meet people who are somehow living a green lifestyle. This makes me very happy. In fact I’m thrilled.

Just on Sunday I was at a friend’s place and met interior designer Luciana. I told her about my work and she almost jumped up: “I’ve read so much about that lately. Eco is becoming a mega trend here, in my field too. I now have a customer who wants eco furniture for his house. So I’m researching theLAMPS.jpg possibilities of bamboo and other materials. I love to have this freedom as an entrepreneur and to choose my own materials! And eco is so cool!”

Tonight I was at a temple devoted to an Indian saint. We sang mantras for two hours and opened our senses with deep meditation. Which strangely made me hungry for curry afterwards. Three girls, all dressed in designer yoga outfits enjoyed the food with me and we started talking. Mahachandra told me about her business in organic cosmetics. She’s doing a specific course that makes her a specialist in natural ingredients for beauty care products: “I’ll go to the Amazon next month to do research because there are still so many secrets to unravel. We really have everything in this country to be a real eco innovator”. It’s quiet for a few seconds while we indulge in a delicious dessert. Then she glances at me with a conspiring smile: ‘Organic is orgasmic’.

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We can save the world with small changes to our daily life.
written by organic make up, March 08, 2009
It is nice to see the world comming together for the safety of our planet. We need more people to inpire others to make a difference in the world and remain organic and green. Most of the top celebs are turning to organic lip gloss because they have found that chemical lip gloss does not hold it's shine as well as organic. Why add unnecessary chemicals to your skin when you do not have to? Organic lipstick is the way to go to make sure that you look good while remaining healthy. Changing your make up to organic will allow you to give back to the earth! be responsible.. Be green
organic cosmetics
written by job, October 02, 2009
ECOCERT is an historical operator, born out of an associative movement in the 70's. With strong ethical core values, Ecocert was founded in 1991 by agronomists conscious of environmental, health and social benefits of Organic Farming

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