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Saturday, 24 April 2010

I am in the blessed position that I meet inspiring people wherever I go. People that make me think and reflect, take action, people who challenge me and tickle my curiosity. These are some of the people who make a difference to me:

One of my oldest friends and companions, Annouk, keeps on enthusing me with her hiphonest blog and activities. A newer friend, Abigail Doan, does the same with her amazing textile designs.

Although Martin is not in the field of ethical fashion, he is a grant supporter of it. As an über-networker and researcher of Bottom of the Pyramid strategies, I admire him for his endless energy and being able to be everywhere at the same time.

My aunt Claudia Zuiderwijk has shown me how to raise a happy family while combining it with a big career. As director of a large hospital in my country, she embodies feminine strength and beauty in a men ruled top-executive world.

While it was Tima Bansal who put Ivey on the map for me, it was Oana Branzei who brought me to Canada to work here. I am incredibly grateful to her for giving me this opportunity and taking me under her wings over the past three months. She has provided me with a glimpse of what North American academics look like and has pushed my boundaries in meta-theoretical thinking about the topic I am so passionate about. Thank you Oana!

I am now looking forward going home to Switzerland and work close again with my PhD supervisor Chris Steyaert who is the silent noise that keeps me going on the path of social entrepreneurship research.

It was a great privilege to study my ‘phenomenon’ here in Canada and meeting great designers and entrepreneurs like Tal Dehtiar, Nicole Bridger and Sonja den Elzen. Thank you all for sharing some of your thoughts and ideas with me!

Image: Thieves Men

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written by Brittney Cleary, April 26, 2010
Love your blog- Kim! You are inspiring! :)

Have you heard of 31 Bits? I live in Orange County and there's been quite a buzz going around about it... I saw their jewelry in a store the other day and immediately thought of your blog. Just an idea- I think your readers would love the style and dig the cause!

www.31bits.com is their website. Keep up the great work!
written by stephaniegale, May 14, 2010
love this post! makes me realize I, too, am constantly discovering people that truly inspire me. I've recently been delighted to discover eco-artist Abigail Doan, and also Annouk Post and her YOI and hiphonest blog. Thanks for here introducing me to the likes of Nicole and Sonja. I love being inspired, and love sharing ideas and information. And I agree with Brittney, I find you and your blog writings inspiring as well. thx!

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