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Sunday, 03 January 2010

What do you do when you want to discover the one country that remains a blank spot on the world map? A country we only hear about when it comes to missile launches and captured journalists rescued by Bill Clinton? What happens when you realize that the best way to get access to this country, is to start manufacturing jeans there? But then, how do you navigate the diplomatic back alleys and the lack of infrastructure and knowledge on how to make jeans?

This is the story of three Swedish guys who decided to start a jeans company in North Korea. It all began with an email and ended with their collection of jeans 'Maneuvers in the dark' consisting of the kara for women and the oke for men. Two pairs of straight-cut, dark-washed and unadorned jeans that hide quirky details depicting Noko's narrative. Like the pocket in the shape of the Ryugyong Hotel tower in the country's capital Pyongyang. Or the hidden amulet that you can use as a necklace….

I won't tell you more about this cool project, just watch the video and listen to Noko's story yourself. Or simply go to their website and buy a pair of these limited jeans!

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The Korean experience
written by jmcaloon, January 13, 2010
So interesting to hear about the North Korean experience. I spent 4 years living in South Korea and worked with a very close friend of mine a Korean artist to design the motifs for some of our first ever designs. South Korea is a very warm and welcoming place and I am told that North Koreans share the same characteristics although I have met very few in my time in South Korea. Noko should be commended for promoting commerce such difficult conditions. Commerce will ultimately help the political debate.

Great job

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