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Saturday, 06 February 2010

The sun shines, the moon glows,
the tides rise, the rain falls
-and a new baby is welcomed to our spinning world.
(Debra Frasier)

Being pregnant is a strange sensation. On the one hand there are many processes going on in my body that I hardly have any notion of. On the other, I feel my normal-healthy & fit-self, which makes it somehow unreal. Two weeks ago, we have told everyone and sharing the joy brought about a higher level of consciousness in me that we are expecting. Since then, we have received our first baby gifts which has also contributed to growing into this new experience. From being a little secret, ‘it’ has now evolved into a special story that provides a different content to my conversations.

Funny how gifts play their part in the stages you go through during these nine months. Tiny socks posing funny deer heads would perfectly fit into the Canadian landscape. Our first baby book beautifully narrates about how the world prepares to welcome every new born. And this funky organic DUNS kimono will always remind our little one how much her parents love vegetables.

But the greatest gift we received yesterday when going for an ultrasound. To see this 10 cm embryo stretching her back and moving her limbs, was most precious of all. She looked like she‘ll be a very sporty little kid!

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