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Saturday, 09 January 2010

I can't believe myself, but I just did it. I bought pyjamas. The one thing I had never thought I would buy. But I did it. They're lying on the table grinning at me. Like if they say 'Got-ya!'

Pyjamas are dull, not flattering, baggy, often have silly prints and are made of crappy fabrics. In that sense, mine don't look too bad. They're plain blue and consist of a princess top and a legging underneath. They're made of soft organic cotton . I bought them on sale for half price. And by the way: I love blue.

After some years of living in the tropics, I still have difficulty admitting that I am back in a cold climate. In the house I wear havaianas until X-mas, leave the heating of until M. starts complaining and sleep in as little as possible (which he doesn't complain about). But now, while thinking of living in Canada for the next few months, I had to take action. Because there are probably not many places colder than Switzerland. And I'm afraid Canada is one of them.

It took me about forty-five minutes in the fitting room to really convince myself to buy them. The sales lady must have thought what the hell I was doing. But it was really a big barrier to admit I need them. Simply because I'm freezing. Not even under the blankets, but most of all when getting out of bed. The shock of walking around uncovered on a chilly early morning is unbearable. At least my pyjamas will protect me from that.

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Where did you purchase these?
written by Cups, February 17, 2010
ok, I'm with you, I lived in a warm climate for a few years and although I've been back in the midwest for a few years I still have not broken down and bought warm pyjamas because they're normally hideous! These are actually pretty cute! Where did you purchase them? I'm not easily finding them online.

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