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Sunday, 09 May 2010

‘How humbling is it to learn something you don’t know’.

It is six years ago I started off in eco fashion and a lot has happened since. It is a privilege to not just be a participant in this movement, but also a researcher which allows me to take a different perspective. Wearing two hats is sometimes extremely difficult since it confuses and doesn’t allow me to take a distance that I 'should' have as a researcher. Luckily I work with great mentors who share their knowledge on how to employ an academic stance. One used the metaphor of Avatar the other day to explain to me how to approach my research:

Saturday, 01 May 2010

‘My baby is 99% organic’.

The other day I attended an interesting presentation on how young mothers increasingly choose to consume organic products. The research showed that women often take a leading role in deciding on the purchase of organic products. Women are still the first child educators and are most often responsible for the household with a very limited role for their partners. Some are being supported by their spouses, but many men don’t seem to care as such or are rather cynical. Women can be critical too, especially about green washing, but the act of consuming green products itself gives them confidence that they’re doing good.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I am in the blessed position that I meet inspiring people wherever I go. People that make me think and reflect, take action, people who challenge me and tickle my curiosity. These are some of the people who make a difference to me:

One of my oldest friends and companions, Annouk, keeps on enthusing me with her hiphonest blog and activities. A newer friend, Abigail Doan, does the same with her amazing textile designs.

Friday, 16 April 2010

After three months in Canada I was so much looking forward seeing my friends and family back home. But this immense cloud seems to darken my sky at the moment, making it impossible for me to fly to Amsterdam this weekend. So while I consider my options of rescheduling for next week, I think it is best to do some pep-talking.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

‘The Colony’ is the name of the spring ’10 collection of one of my favourite eco designers, Ada Zanditon. Today I was watching the video interview I did with her in which she narrates how she came to this collection, inspired by the book called ‘A world without bees’. The book talks about the possible reasons why bees are suffering from colony collapse disorder which is said to be a huge environmental problem. Throughout the book it becomes clear what amazing qualities bees have and how they pollinate one third of all the food we eat. Ada wanted to translate her fascination for bees into a collection that is, in my view, her strongest so far. Instead of going for fluffy yellow and black dresses, she started looking at the way bees think and found that the basis of what they do, lies in the honeycomb structure they build. She started constructing garments out of hexagons and discovered how body conscious this shape is. Creating her collection as a colony, like bees build their colony, brought her to the chosen color pattern:

Saturday, 03 April 2010

I saw whales this week! While working in Vancouver, we managed to take a one day trip off the coast of Vancouver Island to go whale watching. And it was amazing! First we spotted a rare grey whale who was hanging out in a small bay next to the city of Victoria. He didn’t seem to mind our boat being there and came to the surface several times in unexpected places. While he was only a few years old, he was already big and he impressed us with some tail action and showing most of his back. Later on, we saw a group of four orcas who were easier to follow as they always move in a certain direction, unlike the grey whale. It was an incredible sight to see these mighty black fins coming out of the ocean almost simultaneously.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

After writing 90 blogs for this website, I would love to involve you in what I write about! Do you prefer my personal blogs like the ones on my eco wedding last summer? Or rather the blogs related to my research like these ones on shecopreneurship and consumer behavior ? Or what about blogs in which I address industry issues like design and value chain ? Do you like reading the blogs in which I write about meeting inspiring people like Tone from NICE ? Or maybe you enjoy my fun-in-between blogs the most? Leave a comment on this post and we will select one of you to win this T-shirt from hessnatur’s eco collection!


Saturday, 06 March 2010

‘Don’t buy clothes! Stop all consumerism! Why not protect this gift of life while we have it? Maybe surprisingly, it was Vivienne Westwood saying this after presenting her last collection during London Fashion Week in February.

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