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Monday, 26 October 2009

What inspired me this week?

The oikos students who told me about their ethical fashion projects in Prague and Reims;

The intriguing mural art in Belfast;

The plans to open The Hub in Zürich;

The new Spring/Summer collection by Andrea Crews that looks sexy rebellious;

The professor who spoke on recreational rioting: when youngsters demolish public property because they are simply bored. A concept that gains a whole new meaning when being in a city like Belfast where the Peace fence dividing the city in two won't come down for the next fifteen years;

The film 'The Age of Stupid' which made me want to swim back to the European mainland;

The fact that my country is considering to have English as the second official language next to Dutch;

The seminar on the work of Karl Weick that was both playful and highly in-depth-in-the-sense-that-I-need-to-digest-for-the-next-fortnight;

My niece Lihe who was born last Friday: WONDER!

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