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Wednesday, 09 June 2010

A warm summer's day, a bunch of colleagues in the office talking about research, projects and strategy meetings. During lunch I can't help myself but say: 'Girls, I have a need to see the new Sex in the City movie, just to get away from all this. To see fabulous outfits, sexy men, laugh hard and not think of anything serious for two hours. Who wants to go?' Some respond with 'Sorry, way too much work to do', 'Appointments' and 'I am travelling in an hour'. The usual so to say. But two pairs of eyes lighten up and one matching mouth proposes: YES! Let's go now!

So there we go, in the middle of the day, while the sun is shining. We feel nuts, we feel naughty, we feel like teenagers staying away from high school classes. It is great.

The guy from the movie theater looks grumpy at us non-Swiss speaking foreigners, but ends up giving us a student discount. In the huge cinema hall, it is just the three of us so we sit in the middle and grin at each other. The opening tune throws a stunning Carrie in our face and we're off, away from papers, deadlines and non-manageable professors.

Afterwards we confess that we don't feel guilty, we feel good. And actually, we should do this more often. The fact that I just found out that there is quite a bit of eco fashion in this movie, should be an incentive for you too!

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written by Haute Verte Couture, June 13, 2010
Hi Kim,
Thanks for sharing this great concept with your readers. I also wrote a preview on SATC 2 that highlights some of the Eco Fashion in the film here:
Looking forward to hearing your readers comments on this very relevant concept!
written by Linda, July 21, 2010
So funny! I am definitely one of the ones that would have gone with you. Why is it that playing hooky is so much better than getting an actual day off? Love this!

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