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Summer of figs
Sunday, 10 August 2008

fig.jpgTwo years ago a little tree was planted on a small piece of land in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The tree had lived in a glass house for some time where it stood among the other trees. One day a couple came and they choose the little tree to take with them. It was a big shock for the little tree. First it was placed into a car, then it was taken out of the car and put into a deep hole. The little tree was not used to being alone and missed its friends the fellow trees the first few days. But then, after he finished complaining about his faith, he started looking around. He found himself in a garden surrounded by plants and flowers. In the glass house, he mostly knew the other trees that were his neighbours. But here he was the only tree, standing high above luscious lavender and pretty pumpkin. His first fear of the new place, was replaced by a feeling of contentment. He was a strong little tree, tall and straight and his roots reached out to stability. It was a hot summer and the little tree enjoyed the sun and the birds flying around. After a few weeks, it took a deep breathe and smelled the scent of roses that were blossoming by his side. The little tree realized it was happy.

While selling the eco accessories, organizing my finances and calling embassies and universities to realize another move, I watch this little tree. It stands here, in my parents’garden, and flourishes amazingly. Its trunk looks thin and fragile but remains courageous in every wind. Its leafs have an elegant five pointed shape. And its fruits are simply growing gifts of nature. Every morning I walk out of the door into the garden to admire its delicious round-bellied figs. Every night three or four have turned from green into a reddish-purple which is their message to me they can be harvested. I pick them and lavish on them because their skin is supple, their taste is subtle and their inside appetizes the eye. To me these figs are the best breakfast in the world.

Thank you very much little tree

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