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Monday, 17 August 2009

Last week as I flew back from Chicago to Zürich, I came across an article on how the current econolypse influences the relationships between men and women. The article stated that many women have taken over the role of breadwinner of the family while their husbands have lost their jobs the past 11 months. Instead of being proud of taking this responsibility on their shoulders, these 'recessionistas' are stressed at the idea of not just contributing the estimated one third to the family income, but suddenly bringing in the total amount. Research shows that women still grow up with the romantic idea of meeting their prince one day who will start taking care of them.

As I was reading my cheeks turned red realizing I'm one of those princesses instead of the post-modern woman I envisaged to be. Although I'm the one supporting our joint venture now since M.A. only graduates next year, I'm thrilled at the idea of the pivot moment one day. I admit that doesn't sound very emancipated. Not after ten years of being an independent, hard-working student and professional.

I wonder how many of the female entrepreneurs in eco fashion deal with similar feelings. Around 90% depend on their husband bringing in the family income. Although often working full time hours, they are still not as successful as the men in this industry. Because labels like Noir, Veja and Fin are all run by men while they consist of a minority in the field. Does it have to do with the princess dilemma?

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Princess Bonus?
written by MartinHerrndorf, August 20, 2009
hi kim,

entrepreneurship comes with pro's and con's. Freedom and the ability to realise your dream is the pro, but stress, struggle and doing the "unfunky" stuff is the con. Maybe designing & setting up stuff is nice, but really caring about sales does not appeal so much to many fashion entrepreneurs? And when you feel you really have to make money, you get over your internal barrier to tackle the boring stuff? So the Princess Dilemma might be a Princess Bonus invidiually (even if it might hinder broader progress towards really driving eco into fashion)

On the princess dilemma: You know I wouldn't mind marrying a successful, rich women ;-) And sure, they might be some space for more emancipation (and more sincerity as shown in your blog post, to start with!)

written by Helen Gallagher, December 27, 2009
I think girls are still *taught* to believe in the princess myth. However personally, I always wanted a partner, not a prince - i.e. I didn't want to be earning all the money or none; I wanted and still want, to earn half the money, do half the hosuework and have time to do my crafts and hobbies. In reality, I earn more than my partner. Even though i'm a feminist I don't like that - I want us to be equals!

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