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Friday, 14 August 2009

Is this dress made of soy? Can you eat that? This is what happens when you bring a bunch of management scholars to a local green event. For me a great way to check out upcoming young designers like Organik Revolution while they claimed that it was much more fun than the conference itself.

My exits out of the freezing hotels to check out some of Chicago's hottest eco people and places, were definitely great. But AoM itself surprised me by being inspirational, educational and entertaining too. There were the faces behind the names I met. There were the streams of research that opened new windows for my own. There was the transformation of a well-respected scholar turning into a clone of Bruno on the dance floor. And there was my presentation to which I received better feedback than expected. 'You here?' frowned one of my professors who passed by on his way to a session. I forgot about him stressing that I should focus on quantitative research thinking about the things I picked up the last few days. It had made me feel that I can actually contribute to the academic discourse. Or at least I can give it a really good try.

AoM: Next time I promise I'll bring some eco fashion stuff to sell.

With gratitude,

The girl with the coconut bracelet.

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