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Tuesday, 19 May 2009
'Beep', a skype message from a friend in Berlin. 'Uv time 2 chat bout Green Fashion Fair we organize here?' 'Ploink', new scribbles on my Facebook profile. From Clemens in Austria who connects me to the director of a fashion company he met during a conference. From Sharon in Chili who convinces me to write about her friend that makes jewellery from native Indian straw. From Rob in LA who invites me for a vintage gallery expo. 'Aarghh', I open my inbox and have 80 new emails. Of people requesting to connect to me through LinkedIn and Xing, of students that found me on the university website, of organizations that like to collaborate. I guess the advantage of working with passion is that people start connecting to you.

We live in a networking age and new social networking groups spring up every minute. At the granny age of 30 I try my best to keep up, but it's hard sometimes. Days go by that I don't recall what I actually worked on, aside from connecting and replying to dozens of people. It's a balancing act, but it's great to feel part of this global community of pioneers working in eco fashion. Like on Ethical Fashion Forum where I met celebrity brand Ciel. Or founder Sarah Ratty to be more precise. Because that's the fun of networking this way. You don't need to make your way past secretaries and company logos, you speak directly to designers and other creative spirits. Away from hierarchical business structures, social networking forums are the place to be. So let's connect!

Ethical fashion networking groups:
UK based: Ethical Fashion Forum Network
Germany based: Eco Fashion Network on Xing
World: Eco Fashion and Ethical Fashion Networking Group on LinkedIn

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You are beautiful lady.
written by nike outlet, February 08, 2010

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