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Saturday, 20 March 2010

After writing 90 blogs for this website, I would love to involve you in what I write about! Do you prefer my personal blogs like the ones on my eco wedding last summer? Or rather the blogs related to my research like these ones on shecopreneurship and consumer behavior ? Or what about blogs in which I address industry issues like design and value chain ? Do you like reading the blogs in which I write about meeting inspiring people like Tone from NICE ? Or maybe you enjoy my fun-in-between blogs the most? Leave a comment on this post and we will select one of you to win this T-shirt from hessnatur’s eco collection!

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Design Artist & Owner of Beau Monde Organics
written by Stephanie Gale, March 20, 2010
Hi Kim,
Please don't make me choose just one! Personally, I really prefer and enjoy the wide range of your blog subjects, and find them all of interest. I'd hate to have to pick just one at the expense of another. So my vote is for: All of the Above!
Keep up the good work!
owner of kik&boo ecological clothes and softdolls for kids
written by Coty Jeronimus, March 21, 2010
Hello Kim,
no problem, your blogs are all interesting and great, but as a dutchie living in France for more then 20 years, this one realy suites me . But then the article about customer behavor is more then real .... Difficult to choose......
written by Judith Walls, March 21, 2010
Hi Kim -

I'd say don't lose the personal touch. It gives your blog so much personality and makes it a joy to read. I concur with Stephanie about topics - whatever comes to mind is good. It's your personal take and flavor to it that makes it interesting.

Art Director/ New Evolution Video
written by gonzalo villarruel, March 21, 2010
how much stuff is in regular clothing
written by Amanda Clarison, March 26, 2010
I think a mixture of all type of posts is best.
written by kim.poldner, April 20, 2010
Thanks everyone for sharing!

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