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Monday, 06 July 2009

'What have you done? I look like a little witch!' My dress in a cursing green colour with a black velours coat wouldn't misfit a gothic party.
'I just wanted more artistic freedom, I am an autonomous designer you know, this is something really unique for a wedding!'
'It's so ugly and I can't believe you even had time to make matching shoes! I stamp my feet on the ground in the pointy black boots that look broom-ride ready.
'Be glad they're vegan leather Kim'. My friend looks at me with a victorious smile.
That's what you like right?
'I don't like it at all, this is not my dream dress, it's terrible and it doesn't match M.A.'s suit! 'AAARGGHHHHH my wedding is gonna be a disaster!!!!'

My 6:30 alarm saves me from this nightmare and I yoga it out of my system. I guess with all the wedding prep in which I find myself, my unconscious is now really making twirls. Two weeks to go and so much stuff to do....

But we have made some steps in the right direction. With a handsome brown WE suit for my man, with simple eco chic jewellery and with some Triumph lingerie. The biggest challenge was the shoe issue, because hunting eco wedding shoes is a real challenge. For M.A., I envisaged smart Veja sneakers or Osklen fish skin, but Italian made leather shoes will do the dancing job as well. For me (and my shoe size), white shoes are a total no go, so I opted for Swarovski inspired Havaianas while in Brazil. Friends told me that they hand out custom made Havaianas to the wedding guests at Brazilian weddings. The ladies are only too glad to swab their heels with these unique flipflops when it's time to dance. But even these Havaianas were white and I just felt like having more of a shoe for my party. Happily I stumbled upon Melissa's new Sapatilha Campana. They're made with recycled plastic and last for a lifetime which sounds pretty sustainable to me. Unfortunately, I am not the only one deciding on shoes that will be invisible underneath layers of white. Mum and designer friend had a say and agreed that plastic shoes at a wedding are not an option. So I am still on a quest for my perfect eco ballerinas....

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