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How Can We Shift Sustainable Fashion From Niche to Norm?

How can we put sustainability on the mainstream fashion agenda? How can smaller brands compete? And who’s to blame for the lack of progress within the industry? Is it consumers and brands, or do we need structural change led by governments and trade unions?

5 Key Insights On How Influencers Can Fight For Fair Fashion



Today's media landscape has dramatically changed. It’s no longer billboards and TVCs, but Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. So, with all this buzz, how can sustainability be given the spotlight? And more urgently, how can influencers talk about the environmental impacts and pressing labour conditions that result from fast fashion? 


OCA and the True Potential of Organic Cotton



A prosperous organic cotton sector benefits everyone—from farmer to consumer. To realize the sector’s potential, we need to bring about the conditions that will allow the crop that safeguards the environment and enhances farmer livelihoods to flourish.

Ethical Designer Partners with Water Color Artist



Jesse Junko Beardslee, designer and founder of award-winning eco fashion brand Themis and Thread, has partnered with artist Jennie Scarbrough to open a gift shop and gallery full of creativity and inspiration.  Hector Handmade opened recently, (in the Township of Hector), within the world renowned wine region of The Finger Lakes, Central New York State.  Over 100 wineries and breweries dot the picturesque landscape along Seneca Lake, which has been home to the indie brand Themis and Thread for four years. 


The Founder of Bead & Reel Practices What She Preaches



As the ethical fashion industry continues to grow and inch a bit further towards what we consider mainstream, we have seen a lot of inspiring brands and stores launch and put their product lines out into the world.  Some have stood the test of time, while others have had to withdraw to regroup.  Let’s be honest, the fashion industry is extremely competitive and it’s not just about great design, but also a good combination of entrepreneurial drive, fashion industry knowledge, solid focus, business and marketing savvy, organization, excellent listening skills, and vision for the future, amongst other things. Sica Schmitz of Bead & Reel has the recipe for success and the world is taking notice.  Here is a peek into how she came up with the idea for Bead & Reel, some of her strategies in selecting brands, inspiring and fulfilling moments, and what she sees for the future of Bead & Reel.   


Rebalancing Society Module Launched




On the occasion of the High Level Political Forum held on July 18 and 19 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in collaboration with McGill University and KEDGE Business School announced the launch of a new Sustainability Literacy Test (Sulitest). The module is based on Henry Mintzberg’s book Rebalancing Society.


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