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China Catches the Flame

CHINA-PULSE.jpg The Olympics, Free Tibet, environmental pollution and an economic growth of 10% per year: China is full of contradictions. But when it comes to ethical production, China surprises us with some exciting developments.

First up is the April launch of the Sustainable Fashion Business Forum (SFBF); eleven Hong Kong clothing manufacturers have teamed up with the Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) to share information and devise new ways to make the trade more environmentally friendly. The group supplies big brands such as Marks & Spencer, Gap and H&M and has several essential items on the agenda. One of them is to set up a carbon accounting standard in collaboration with WWF Hong Kong.

Bamboo and Kicks

BAMBOO_THUMBNAIL.jpg No issue on Chinese sustainable fashion would be complete without a bit of bamboo! Touted as a green fabric with hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating capacities the real story on bamboo is a little more complex; although it’s true that the plant itself is a sustainable product by virtue of its fast natural growth, the transformation process can often be very polluting. This article from the great blog Organic Clothing will give you the full picture. And if you want to do bamboo right, here are our hottest bamboo picks from eco designers worldwide! To complement our favorite bamboo pieces we’ve thrown in some sporty kicks as a wink to the Olympics.

Nest Shanghai

nestsmall.jpg Finding a sustainable shop in China is no easy feat. Despite the ethical progress in some factories, Chinese customers are still hard pressed to find retail points for eco fashion in their country.

But, venture to the second floor of the International Artist Factory in the thriving arts and shopping district of Taikang in Shanghai, and a lovely surprise awaits you! An inviting, light, newly renovated 100sq meter loft space opens up, full of wonderful and unique creations. You’ve arrived at Nest, a brand new store devoted to the celebration of conscious design.

Shanghai Chic

Shanghai, China

Zoe is wearing a dress by Brown Rice.
The Color Issue, July 2008

For this first issue, we wanted color, bright radiant saturated color like the rich hues of Leila Hafzi’s eveningwear designs, or our pick of punchy pieces that will prove once and for all that eco fashion is anything but dull!

That led us to wax philosophical on why anyone could still see ethic chic as “crusty”, and we made some fascinating discoveries on the history of dyes.

Of course, all this research was very tiring for our deeply superficial minds so we went online shopping at Beklina, where three cool and conscious California chicks have already sorted some of the hottest picks for us.

Finally, as fashion moves up from the street to the runway as fast as it trickles down, we captured our first style profile on the streets of Paris, where a mix of old and new has always been a part of women’s unique allure.

We hope you enjoy this first issue of our magazine. Leave a comment, send us an email or sign up to our newsletter, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

She Wore Leila Hafzi

Red carpet moment, follow the rainbow dress!…Except we’re not on the red carpet…and the world’s divas haven’t yet discovered Leila Hafzi’s show-stopping gowns. However, judging from the audience’s reaction at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, and the awards that keep pilling up, we know it’s only a matter of time.

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