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Twelve years ago, I read the book Cradle to Cradle (C2C) while traveling around the US and Europe to befriend the handful of pioneers in sustainable fashion. At the time, my friend Annouk Post and I were in the process of setting up and running the very first sustainable fashion store in The Netherlands.

Natalia Tisdale of Eco Lustre on Materials, Industry Growth and More


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As the holiday season as here and the close to another year approaches, we like to tune in to what people are thinking about the year that has almost finished, and what plans are in store for the year ahead. We had a chat with Natalia Tisdale of Eco Lustre, to find out what items she sees are sparking particular interest and her thoughts on the current position and growth of the ethical fashion industry. 


Pelechecoco: Fashion and Fabric Conscious



One of the most famous quotes by Steve Jobs goes, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Pelechecoco is a revolutionary brand with an inspiring name and an interesting vision. They believe that personal style is a way of showing off your personality without using words, and we totally agree. Every style is as unique as we are. Pelechecoco invites us to dress up our uniqueness without breaking the bank, by wearing Pelechecoco. Join us as we speak to Sophie Schandorff, Head Of Design for Pelechecoco, and further explore the vision of this stylish Danish eco-brand.

Brand Profile: Barefoot Eco Outfitters




One of our long-standing GUIDE members has just gone through a complete re-brand and upgrade to their site.  We are super excited to introduce Barefoot Eco Outfitters, their new product line, their steadfast devotion to the environment and all living things, and their inspiring message. 


The team at Barefoot Eco Outfitters believes there is something sacred about nature that brings you back to your authentic self. It doesn’t matter who you are, nature accepts you. Nature doesn’t judge. And they believe that sleeping under the stars with just the whispering wind or rush of a river to sing you to sleep invites you to appreciate your true self. For the team at Barefoot Eco Outfitters, that’s pure bliss. Maybe it is for you too. 

Out of the Green Closet with EFW Cofounder



We recently caught up with Kim Poldner, one of the original founders of Eco Fashion World, as she wrapped up her involvement in a photography project titled Out of the Green Closet, created by photographer Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt.



Beru Kids: Repurposing Materials Into Stylish Children's Clothing



I love all things upcycled and now that I’m a Mom, I’ve been looking more into upcycled children’s clothing.  If you’re like me, you asked for all second hand clothing on your baby registry practically begging people, “It’s okay please don’t buy it new, go to the thrift/consignment store, wash it, and I’ll think you’re even cooler, trust me!”  You want to continue that mindset as your child grows and luckily brands are making it easier for us.

Beru Kids is an ethical children's clothing brand repurposing deadstock materials into original styles for kids. Styles like harem pants, bomber jackets and breezy dresses from soft, durable fabrics in playful prints are designed and crafted locally in a partner factory implementing sustainable practices in downtown Los Angeles.

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